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I’ll Be There… July 8, 2009

While watching excerpts from the Michael Jackson memorial service, I couldn’t help but wonder where all those people were during Michael’s time of need. Accused of child molestation at one point, a drug addict, seemingly in pain both physically and mentally, Michael was very much alone. He was surrounded by people who loved him, who wanted every piece of him, yet he was alone.

When you lose a baby before or just after birth, the loneliness can be excruciating. You can be surrounded by people… just like Michael was, but feel totally alone, totally empty. Those are hard, cold days.

The thing that kept me from being sucked into that realm permanently was a true bond with two friends who allowed me to indulge myself during that difficult time in my life. They got me away from my house and my bed (where I’d spend every moment if I could) out into the sunshine…and they listened. They allowed me to bare my soul about my stillborn twin sons, about my miscarriages, about my misery in being infertile and childless. They listened over and over again. I will be forever grateful to them, because I really believe they were catalysts to my healing and in turn, a part of the reason I have my sons today, now ages seven and eight.  Human contact, bonding and care is essential to all of our well being no matter what our circumstances.

I write this blog with all of you in mind who are suffering the loss of a baby either before or just after birth, hoping that in some way I can bring you some sense of comfort, care and peace. Know that I am here for you in spirit and in my prayers.

Until next time…I’ll be there.



One Response to “I’ll Be There…”

  1. jordansroom Says:


    I just found your link on Hygeia which I also recently came across. I started to cry as soon as I began reading although crying is something that comes easily these days. I lost my first baby 3 months and found no local support or resources. Its unbeleivable the way miscarriage is minimzed by so many.
    Admitedly, I didnt know how devastating it was but Ive never known anyone who experienced this.

    Blogging is new to me but decided to make an attempt to journal my feelings and provide links the way you have here. Alas, most days the anxiety and grief allows little organization right now and Im frustrated. Im so glad youre here. I dont pretend to be as good a writer as you, I simply wanted to share my experience. I welcome, in fact, implore your advice.

    Thank you so much for being there,


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